Our Mission

Eshvikid’s idea is natural materials and simple style. Beauty and comfort is as important for children as for grown ups. Cloths touching child's body should also be enjoyable and safe, made of natural materials. Our mainly unisex, gender-neutral, designs allow parents the freedom to buy once and buy well. We ensure that our designs are not just beautiful but our quality, organic fabrics are outstanding and perfect for your little ones.
We are focused to create cloth for real life, not just special occasions. Clothing that allows children to move freely, express themselves and explore a world - not clothing that limits their movements.

“Being a mother myself, these were my main concerns, as I was thinking of a new line ESHVI KIDS. Thus, we created our first small collection based on these main components: happy colors, natural fabrics, authentic models made for little girls and boys. My main inspirations are my kids, for whom I would constantly look for the garments fully corresponding these requirements. Watching them grow up is the greatest pleasure. And now I'm finally calm and happy that all my concerns are behind: The quality and aesthetics, are both in full correspondence with what a mother would choose for her child. The name of our company, "Eshvi Kids" comes from an international jewellery brand name Eshvi, also co-founded by me in 2011”                                                                                            


                                                                                                       Tatuna Svanidze