Instyle : Fashion trend for the little ones

Fashion trend for the little ones: this pretty linen set is perfect for the summer


Thankfully, the days when boys wore blue and girls wore pink are over. Nowadays, cool unisex colors and materials are popular for the little ones. In summer, the thing with the material is not that easy: it should be nice and airy and light and ideally also protect from the sun. 

In addition, the material should be well tolerated and not contaminated with harmful substances. Children's skin is incredibly sensitive and can quickly react allergic to cheap dyes, even if the clothes are washed before they are worn for the first time. That is why natural raw materials such as organic cotton and linen are certainly the best choice.

The sustainable linen set for hot summer days 

We have now discovered a set for kids that are made from the best summer material ever: pants and shirt by ESHVI Kids are made of 100% linen. The natural material has a cooling effect and the long sleeves and trouser legs protect children's delicate skin from harmful sun rays. The fact that it also looks delightful is fairly produced and has a neutral color makes it even more appealing.


The collections of the Georgian children's brand are based on five components: cheerful colors, natural fabrics, beautiful designs, unisex and simple lines. Tatuna Svanidze and her team have managed to found a fashionable children's line with a sustainable aspect. Each part of them is made in a small atelier in Georgia by two seamstresses. In this way, the customer can see exactly where the goods come from. High-quality natural materials and handcrafted manufacture guarantee that the items of clothing still look good even after the first wash.